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Gilbarco / Gasboy

TOIC is the exclusive distributor of Gilbarco Veeder-Root in the country. Gilbarco Veeder-root is the global leader in fuel dispenser technology and integrated fueling solutions, from the forecourt to the c-store. Gain an edge over your competition by choosing Gilbarco’s range of cutting edge and future-proof service station equipment and convenience store technology. No other company delivers its level of expertise and gives customers a competitive advantage in gas station and convenience store equipment.


FRONTIER FUEL PUMP| Gilbarco Veeder Root

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is a global industry leader in fuel dispenser technologies and integrated fueling solutions for retail and commercial partners. We make it our priority to understand your business challenges so you can deliver the best fueling experience to your customers.

We pride ourselves on providing the right products to our customers, maintaining a strong local presence to ensure customer service and timely delivery, and continuing to drive improvement and innovation.

Encore S

Gilbarco is redefining the forecourt with the Encore S, a Web-enabled dispenser that offers more of what matters in your world. Available in full color, it delivers improved margins, increased loyalty, and smoother operation — today and in the years to come.

Advanced security and payment options

Better physical fuel protection from a PIN-protected operator keypad, optional meter collar and a variety of cabinet locking options
Better payment security options, including a secure card reader, an encrypting keypad,, and full PCI and EMV-certified CRINDs
More payment options, including RFID contactless payment, cash acceptors and barcode readers

Gasboy® Atlas® Pumps & Dispensers

Whether underground or aboveground tank installations, or fueling rates from 15 to 50 GPM (57 to 188 LPM), there is a Gasboy fleet or commercial solution for your application.

All models are designed specifically for the demanding requirements of fleet and commercial fueling needs. Suction pump models are built with heavy duty, belt-driven pumping units, and all models contain the industry’ s most accurate positive displacement meter. Electronic and mechanical registration models are available. For saddle tank fueling applications, satellite dispensers are offered for fueling on both sides of the vehicle.