CalibeX - 3D Laser Calibration Technology

Technical Specifications*

• -0,6 mm ±0,1 mm accuracy in distance measurements
• -0,2° ±0,3° accuracy in pan measurements
• -0,6° ±0,1° accuracy in tilt measurements
• -0,1° ±0,1° accuracy in inclination measurements
• ±%0,3 accuracy in volume calculations

*According to VSL Dutch Metrology Institute and NMi evaluation results

Security and Safety
All system components are designed and certificated according to international safety regulations.

3D Laser Calibration Technology

3DCalibeX is one of the most comprehensive technological projects developed by Asis to date. It is a system composed of advanced robot mechanics, mechatronics, state-of-the-art electronic circuit designs, on-board LEL device design, laser and optical applications, etc. and applications consisting of 3D modeling algorithms and data analysis software involving advanced mathematics.

One of the most important features of the system is its capability of completing the calibration processes within a short time such as 25-40 minutes, owing to the specially developed laser-measurement technology applied through the 2” coupling, which is the smallest inlet of fuel tank covers.

Basic Features of the System

  • Measures the internal dimensions of the tanks on a 3D spatial point pattern.
  • Calculates the inclination of the tank (Angular)
  • Calculates the direction and position of the tank
  • Computes the diameter of the tank.
  • Calculates the internal dimensions of the tank (Depth and length, etc.).
  • Calculates the diameters of the tank heads.
  • Creates mathematical model of the tank.
  • Usable in all horizontal, cylindrical underground and above ground tanks.
  • One tank can be calibrated within maximum 30 minutes and calibration of all tanks at a filing station can be completed only within a few hours.