Mobile Tank Cleaning


The Problem

In common with any organic fluid, fuels are susceptible to natural deterioration. Oxidation, water, and microbes all contribute to reduced fuel quality and the formation of tank sludge. Higher water content exacerbates the problem. These unwanted by-products clog filters, disrupting operations and impacting profitability while tanks are de-commissioned for cleaning. If used, contaminated fuel can corrode injectors, pumps and tanks leading to incomplete combustion, carbon build up, smoke, loss of power and even engine failure.

The Solution

The Mobile Tank Cleaning or MTC combined tank cleaning and fuel polishing provides a very cost-effective, operationally-convenient solution. Our proprietary MTC effectively removes harmful sludge, water and other contaminants from storage tanks and extends the useful life of the fuel.

It preserves the integrity of stored fuel, improves filterability, reverses the process of tank sludge build up, removes water, preserves tank cleanliness and maintains peak engine performance.

How it works

The ‘Fuel Dialysis’ system circulates and cleans fuel by pumping it from the tank, processing it through the cleaning unit and then putting it back into the tank. The fine filters in the unit remove sludge, water and other impurities in a continuous process until all contaminants are removed. Then the fuel is sampled, tested and declared clean and fit for purpose.

Fuel Dialysis actually cleans the tank at the same time, using a fuel catalyst to dissolve the heavy sludge, making it more filterable. A fresh dose of catalyst then helps prevent future fungal growth and bacterial build up and regular sampling is carried out to ascertain when a re-dose is required.