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How Accurate Is Your Fuel Inventory?

Relying on manual gauge stick or dipstick measurements for wet stock inventory data introduces inaccuracy into your record-keeping and are potentially hazardous to employees.

Faulty Measurement Processes

With daily deliveries and frequent dispensing activity, the fuel level within the tank is constantly changing. Ripples in the tank from deliveries and tank tilt significantly limit the reliability of stick measurements. With so much going on it can be easy to rush measurements, misread the dipstick, or transpose data incorrectly, introducing errors because of the manual process for measurement.

Tank Chart Errors

A stick reading is only useful if it is being compared to an accurate tank chart. With no way to calibrate the measurements and systematically compare them to previous data, there are few options for ensuring accuracy. While tank charts do not cause a loss of fuel, an inaccurate tank chart will affect inventory and delivery data collected and could contribute to masking actual fuel losses. In fact, many discrepancies in fuel recording and variance reporting are the result of poor data capture because tank charts do not accurately represent how fuel is situated in the tank.

Manual Data Handling

Manual dipstick measurements also lead to manual data handling which introduces transposing errors and makes it difficult to compare or compile data across multiple fuel sites. In many cases, owners with multiple sites end up working in large spreadsheets and calling around to all their sites for point in time measurements that are then subject to faulty manual measurements. The process compounds the opportunity for errors and masks more serious fuel variance issues.

Employee Safety Concerns

When employees open the sump to take measurements, they are repeatedly exposed to harmful fuel vapors that can impact their health over time. The quiet, less busy, times on the site that are best for measuring tank volumes are frequently at night or early in the morning when visibility is low. This adds to the likelihood of a mis-read measurement, but also presents a safety concern that employees may not be visible to drivers on the forecourt. Depending on the size and depth of the sump there is also a safety concern with leaning directly over the open sump to take the measurement from an open port, increasing the likelihood that an employee could fall into the sump space.


Kick-off your gasoline station operations this 2021. Visit our website at to learn more!

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Why You Need To Automate Your Gasoline Station Now!

The TLS Express Inventory Solution retrofits into existing sites and automates your wet stock inventory management process, eliminating paperwork, emails, and text messages. It gives you real-time visibility to fuel inventory from anywhere.

When thinking about adding an automatic tank gauge or ATG to your fuel site, you should take into account the following considerations.


Are you looking to avoid fuel stock-outs?

Fuel stock-outs stop operations at the site and cost you customers and in-store traffic, causing a loss of revenue that cannot be recovered. Adding an ATG to your fueling site can maximize your productivity by allowing you to better predict your fuel usage and stay ahead of costly fuel stock-outs.

Do you want details about your wet stock inventory variance?

A fuel variance is the difference between the amount of fuel available in a tank at any given time, according to recorded deliveries and sales, and the actual amount of fuel available in the tank. Fuel variances can be positive or negative. Whether through delivery discrepancy, inaccurate manual dipstick measurements, theft, or storage tank leaks, fuel variances could be costing your business and inaccurate inventory tracking could be masking a more serious issue.

Do you want peace of mind about your tank integrity?

Veeder-Root ATG systems include compliance and testing features that monitor for, and detect, leaks within your fueling system. For most fuel sites, the gas in the tank is the most expensive asset on site. Storage tank leaks are not just bad for the environment and community, they are costly for owners.

Are you looking to prevent overfills?

Tank overfills are detrimental to site safety, but the potential for an overfill event can be easily mitigated with an ATG. The TLS4B will display the ullage space (aka unfilled space) inside the tank so you can be sure the delivery will fit.

Would you like to accurately check site inventory levels remotely?

For many busy site owners, it can be hard to check in on the status of their business while they are off-site. Veeder-Root TLS4 Series automatic tank gauges are equipped to help owners access critical data while they are off-site using our free mobile phone and web-enabled applications. Easily access console data from anywhere at any time.

Add one of three of our Veeder-Root TLS Express Bundles to your fuel site and quickly and affordably automate your fuel management process.

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Cruise and Control


With a commanding presence in the Philippines as a total-solutions provider, TOIC is the exclusive distributor of Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a global leader in fuel dispenser technology and integrated fueling solutions, from the forecourt to the c-store.

Today, we are proud to offer the unbeatable combination of the NEW Gilbarco Latitude Pumps and Veeder-root TLS Express Inventory Solution Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) just for you.


Latitude Pumps

TLS Express Inventory Solution ATG System

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TLS Express Inventory Solution

Automation Made Easy
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4 Ways To Reinvent The Gasoline Station Experience

We’ve entered a new year with new opportunities. This is a year for reinvention! And speaking of reinventing, gasoline stations are one of the fastest-growing businesses in terms of sales and fast pace opportunities for customers. And at the end of the day, refining the customer experience has become critical attention across all businesses especially in service-related industries.

For the longest time, the fuel and convenience store industry has become essential in how it wants to engage, interact, and transact with its customers or else fall to the wayside with the competition. A gasoline station provides a valuable opportunity that offers solutions to improve the overall customer experience and integrate innovative customer journeys. In this blog, we offer you four ways to reinvent your gasoline station through an elevated consumer experience.


Provide Overall Gasoline Pump Satisfaction

When entering a gasoline station, are your gasoline pump areas clean, free of litter and trash? Keeping your gasoline station trash-free gives your consumers the first impression that this is a gasoline station that is well maintained and well operated. 

Just as well, providing gasoline pump satisfaction is one of the first steps in the business-meets-customer relationship at your gasoline station. Top gasoline stations find themselves at the forefront of the list because they train their service station attendants in maintaining gasoline pump satisfaction. While there are days that it needs to be fixed by changing the filters, the nozzle, or other equipment, this also means that you have to upgrade your gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers every now and then. 

To know where to upgrade your fuel pumps and dispensers, TOIC Solutions offers the best equipment for gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers that will satisfy your operations and at the same time that applies a faster approach that appeals to your customer.


Convenience Store is your Destination

Having a gasoline station brings revenues but setting a convenience store next to your service station is an investment. When it comes to customer satisfaction, having a c-store would give your customers an excellent service experience. In the long run, aside from your gasoline station, your c-store should also be a destination and not a “pit stop”. It is a big game-changer when you streamline your in-store process and focus on your stock because it encourages your customers to come back for more and at the same time attract new customers who may just be passing by. 


Unified and Personalized Shopping Experience

Adapting technology across the customer journey will empower you to offer a more convincing and frictionless experience.  This can work better in your point of sale (POS) system, kiosks, self-checkout stations, and mobile commerce.

At your gasoline pumps and dispensers, you provide better ease and security of payments by offering cashless transactions and this will create a better shopping experience for your customers. This innovation has allowed more and more industries to create faster yet secured transactions. Expect digital technologies to improve retail experiences in the years to come. Make sure your operations don’t get left behind with the latest technology that helps consumers spend conveniently. 


Choices and Additional Services

To increase foot traffic to your gasoline station, provide needs that go beyond fueling. Offering services such as car wash, air, water, food courts, and more will get people to stop and spend more besides just filling up. Always be on the lookout for anything customers might need which may result in bigger revenue for your gasoline station. 


Reinventing your gasoline station would take a big risk but with proper research and customer satisfaction information, all can be done in the most possible way to increase revenue and attract more customers. Aside from knowing your customer’s needs, your needs should be taken into consideration also. And by needs, we meant your service station equipment such as gasoline pumps, fuel dispensers, underground tank maintenance, and many more.

Look no further than TOIC Solutions. As a reliable partner and supplier in the Petroleum industry, TOIC provides turn-key solutions for our clients from logistics, warehousing, delivery, installation, commissioning, and service of its equipment. We have products for gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers, Automatic Tank Gauge, convenience retailing, and more. And with services such as tank calibration and tank testing, your gasoline station needs are in one website. Contact us to learn more!

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4 Factors to Consider When Buying A Gasoline Station

A lot of motor vehicle owners make use of gas, especially with logistics and transportation means. Because demand for fuel does not go away, gasoline stations are always a good business franchise or investment. 

Due to the high market barrier to entry as well as the high costs of capital, a franchise for gas stations is more appealing compared to starting one yourself. The best advantage that comes with franchised stations is because there is already name recognition, trademarks, franchise agreements,s and more. All future business ventures and investments always require due research and diligence before jumping right into it, making it important to check for the advantages and disadvantages. 

Being a franchisee entails different sets of rules and responsibilities. Similar to any franchise, there are some set factors to consider: 

  • Terms of the franchise agreement 
  • Any quotas or requirements for fuel sales 
  • Ownership and maintenance of fuel tanks and pumps 

We have rounded up factors for you to consider before you become a franchisee of a gas station. 


How is the environmental history of the gasoline station? 

Environmental concerns are critical as any concerns such as environmental contamination discovered after the station is bought will require an expensive remedy that can shut down and potentially hurt future operations. Contamination is an issue that businesses must protect themselves from. 

Factors to be evaluated should include: 

  • Laws about gas stations 
  • The mandatory requirements for the tanks and other gas station equipment 
  • Results of an environmental site assessment evaluating the history of the property 


Will you have a convenience store? 

The main product of course is the fuel but not so known to a vast majority of people, the margins on selling gas are low which means gas stations make money via other means. One of these is via the convenience store. This is the reason why convenience stores and gas stations often come in pairs together. Products from convenience stores such as soda, chips, candy, and cigarettes can bring in big revenue. 


Does the seller own gasoline pumps and tanks? 

These serve as the most important assets used in gasoline stations and are directly related to your operation. These are important investments for any gas station but it is not always the case that sellers of the gas station own the pumps and tanks. In some cases, it is owned by the national franchisor for the stations that are franchised or the owner of the property. The things you can consider could be: who owns the “pumps and tanks”, whether the sale includes the transfer of the ownership, and the repair history of pumps and tanks. Another similar thing you can look into is the terms of the property where the station is located when it is leased and what are the agreements to come out about this. 


Risks of a gasoline station investment 

All business ventures have their own share of risk. It is crucial to know this to know what you are getting yourself into as a way to properly mitigate the risks. For gas stations, they have their own distinct risks. Part of this is that the success of the business depends on the traffic. Knowing the long-term plans for the area where you want to open your station is one thing. Are their plans for commercial development? Is there going to be construction nearby? Long construction projects can hamper the traffic going to your station while commercial development of the area can prove to make your location more viable given its proximity to upcoming key areas. 


Quite possibly the most important part is having a business plan to come with your gas station purchase. This not only gives you a focus but also the right direction and makes the transition much easier. 

As a reliable partner and supplier in the Petroleum industry, TOIC provides turn-key solutions for our clients from logistics, warehousing, delivery, installation, commissioning, and service of its equipment. We have products for gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers, Automatic Tank Gauge, convenience retailing, and more. And with services such as tank calibration and tank testing, your gasoline station needs are in one website. Learn more about how gas stations work by checking out more of our blogs. TOIC Solutions is an expert when it comes to gas station solutions. Contact us now to learn more.

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Every Gasoline Station Owners’ New Year’s Resolution

The new year has finally come! Many gas station owners are now indulging in retrospection and reevaluating what transpired the whole of 2020. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all of us to start making changes and progress.

Now is the perfect chance to sit down and prepare a list of resolutions that you want to change, make, and begin with. Having a resolution can help increase your profit line to lead your gas station business throughout the year. These are some resolutions to help grow your gas station business towards a successful 2021.


  1.     EMV Compliance

For every gasoline station that is not compliant yet or started the process, this should be the top priority on your list this year! Many gas stations require equipment upgrades and there is a huge demand for technicians. Planning for EMV compliance is necessary as you don’t want to miss the deadline and face financial risk with the liability shift.


  1.     Evaluate Your Services and Convenience Store

January will always be the best time to kick off the year with new exciting promotions and options for customers. Gather all the requests and rooms for improvement collated last year and assess your gas station business. Will they make any good changes? Do they make any financial sense? If yes, then proceed with the improvement as early as today.

Launching a new service or product can bring renewed customer’s interest and purchase. Think big and explore all-new ways for your station’s improvement. You may also market current products or services with a spin, adding new life to it. Give incentives to the car wash you already have or try putting “buy one, get one” punch cards for food or drinks if you are also operating the convenience store. 


  1.     Fast Forecourt

One of the biggest complaints that customers have about gas stations is the gas flow.  Warm weather and cold weather certainly will spark this complaint, especially with the Philippines’ humidity. Also, any customer that’s in a hurry will immediately notice slow-flowing gas pumps or dispensers. 

Are your gas pumps running slow? If you are finding that your gas pumps and dispensers are running slow, then you will need to either find the problem or upgrade. Start with checking your filters as they are the most critical element when it comes to fuel flow. Changing them regularly and following strict routine maintenance goes a long way with keeping your gas pump flow at optimal speed. If this is not workable, and you have checked your nozzles, then it is time for you to look into getting new gasoline pumps and dispensers.


  1.     Equipment Upgrades

Upgrading your equipment can make every task in the gas station easier and more efficient. It may also bring in new business and more loyal customers. 

Improving your point of sale (POS) system that will make your convenience store run faster and smoother is something that you may consider as well, in order to lessen the time in manually checking revenue and inventory. Upgrading your gas pumps and dispensers for modernization and branding may help give customers the impression that operations are running smoothly. 


TOIC has been successfully providing turn-key services and solutions for its clients and passing on savings from importation, logistics, warehousing, storage, and service. With the convenience and quality of providing products such as gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers and services of tank cleaning and tank calibration, TOIC Solutions has become a preferred supplier and partner of Petroleum companies in the Philippines.

Kick-off your gasoline station operations this 2021. Visit our website at to learn more!

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Gasoline Pumps

If you own a gasoline station, you may already have asked yourself if there’s a need to innovate or improve your gasoline pumps. Gasoline pumps are like cars, they don’t increase in value, but instead, once they are used, they begin to depreciate. Despite this, however, they increase the value of your business through the bottom line. Taking an outdated gasoline station and upgrading it will improve your customer traffic. And if you make wise upgrade decisions, you will be able to get many benefits.

Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading your gasoline pumps:


Improve your gasoline pumps and your sales will improve

Taking the step towards innovating your gasoline pumps and your entire station will eventually make an impressive difference in your sales. Gasoline may be the main reason that people go to your gas station, however, the better experience they have, the more time they may spend making in-store purchases, which could mean an increase in your sales. 


New gasoline pumps lead to a reduction in your costs

Gasoline pumps and dispensers are prone to breakdowns, especially when the equipment gets older.  New gas pumps have warranties and will help you in terms of saving on maintenance costs that you may experience down the line. Another option is to buy reconditioned gas pumps, however, be wary and make sure that they are still of good quality. Choosing reconditioned equipment means that you will be able to upgrade all your pumps at a better price. Customers will be happy as newer equipment offers better security and that decreases the risk of fuel theft and payment fraud. 


Efficient operation gives you an edge

Gasoline stations with new innovative equipment are more profitable. Innovative gas pumps and dispensers will help a lot in speeding up your operational efficiency. Your gas station will be able to focus and cater to more consumers and eventually bring in more sales.

As a gasoline station owner, it is essential to always take good care of your station’s gasoline pumps and dispensers by upgrading them. This will help in terms of efficient operations and will give your consumers better security in terms of the risk of fuel theft. Upgrading your equipment will definitely give you more sales in various aspects. TOIC provides good quality products of Gasoline Pumps and fuel dispensers and services of tank calibration and tank testing to make your business operation more efficient which will help you generate more sales. Visit to learn more.

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Best Practices Of A Gasoline Station Customer

Thousands of Filipinos fill up their gas tanks every single day. From maneuvering their driving skills to considering gasoline prices to visiting convenience stores for food and beverages, gasoline stations have changed throughout the years as consumers change in terms of their preferences and behaviors. With the changing consumer behaviors in mind, take note of these practices that can help keep your gasoline station business running.


Fuel Buying Behavior

Buying fuel varies by demographic. To further increase sales, knowing your customers’ demographic will be helpful to plan your marketing strategy.

Business owners observe that customers aged 35 to 49 will most likely purchase fuel in the morning. This is a great opportunity to build a convenience store and expand to breakfast food service that will cater to this segment of shoppers. Customers ages 65 and up tend to purchase fuel during midday – which can be advantageous for gasoline stations that offer snacks that might appeal to this demographic.

This observation is to look at the practices of these kinds of customers and an opportunity to build and strengthen marketing campaigns that will add more sales to your gasoline station.


Price Shopping

Fuel prices affect consumers on what and when to buy. With recent innovations and the rise of mobile apps, customers can now check for fuel prices before going to gasoline stations. Most likely, people would go for the best price of fuel. About two out of three customers will choose a station based on gasoline prices. For others though, gasoline prices are less important when the purpose of travel is intended towards a certain location wherein they will choose to stop at a gasoline station that is on the way or within the vicinity. Others too, prefer to stop at a gasoline station with a variety of restaurant or food options. 


Quality of Store and its Employees

The quality of gasoline stations, convenience stores, and its employees’ service influence customers on where they choose to go.

It is said that 44% of gas customers would make in-store visits. In-store sales create two-thirds of a store’s overall profits, so it is also essential for customers to have additional things to fuel in your store. Having a convenience store would also be beneficial for customers waiting for their car to be repaired. All of this will make big revenue for the business if you offer excellent choices in shopping or offer promotional deals tied to other services.

When it comes to employee-customer relations, gasoline stations are no exception. Employee interaction is greatly appreciated when they know how to operate at the gasoline station and serve their customers with satisfaction. As for business operators, focusing on your customer journey experience will make a big difference in keeping your customers coming back to you as their preferred one-stop-shop.


Experience at Gasoline Pumps

Employees must be attentive at the gasoline pumps for them to serve their customers with satisfaction. Moreover, customers perceive their experience at the gasoline pumps to influence their decision on stopping at your location.

The overall appearance of your gasoline station is also a big consideration for return customers. Aside from that, always make sure that your gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers are in good condition because no customer would want to stop and fuel at a dirty slow fueling station. If your gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers are old and not functioning well, it’s time to upgrade them to high-performance equipment that can be found at TOIC Solutions.


Studying Your Customers and Your Gasoline Station

While observing your customers every now and then is part of the operator’s daily routine, it is also time-worthy to take note of your customers’ feedback. As they say, word of mouth greatly influences other people to perceive your business. Have the opportunity to talk to them once in a while to make your customers feel that they are very important.


Customers help your gasoline station earn big revenues. Setting aside customer’s needs, you should also identify what your gasoline station needs to perform its best and to serve customers and keep them coming back. When upgrading equipment, look no further than TOIC Solutions. We have the best high-quality service station equipment for every gasoline station.

Our best products come from Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the global leader in fuel dispenser technology and integrated fueling solutions, from the forecourt to the c-store. To gain more experience and to learn more, visit our website for the finest gasoline pumps, fuel dispensers, and Automatic Tank Gauge to operate your gasoline station at its best. Not only that, we have services of tank testing and tank calibration to ensure your tanks away from leakage. Just send in your inquiries as we look forward to serving you better!

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