It is critically important for businesses to be able to connect remotely to their tank gauges and retrieve data about the status of their fueling sites. For companies with only a few sites, who need an immediate connection to data, the remote access features of the TLS4 Series Automatic Tank Gauges(ATGs) are convenient options. These free features allow you to check the status of your sites, viewing data for one tank gauge at a time.

The remote access tools available for the TLS-450PLUS, TLS4 and TLS4B ATGs include features such as:


Direct connection through the Web-Enabled Interface

The Web-Enabled Interface for the TLS4 Series provides browser-based access to the ATG with almost all functionality that is available on the TLS graphical user interface. More information on the features and benefits of Web-Enabled can be found here.

The web interface allows for the secure transport of data from almost any connected device, which makes it easier to access the console data remotely. It is key to ensure the network provides the security your organization needs to protect its consoles while still allowing the access needed.

Multiple networking options are supported, including basic IP setup, Routing Tables, and Port Configuration. The TLS4 Series ATGs support the last three versions of the major browsers including Chrome, Edge, Fire Fox and Internet Explorer.

Connecting to The REMOTE VIEW or The PLUS VIEW mobile applications

The REMOTE VIEW application is available on Android and iOS mobile devices for accessing inventory, delivery and alarm data real-time, as it is continuously connected to the automatic tank gauge. While The PLUS VIEW application is similar to THE REMOTE VIEW, it is intended for more mobile applications. It automatically pulls data every 15 minutes for checking status without pulling a constant stream of data. Both The REMOTE VIEW and The PLUS VIEW support a maximum of five simultaneous users.

While The PLUS VIEW gives you access to a Station Overview, Report Tab, and Map View, The REMOTE VIEW gives you these functions, and: Real-Time Updates, One Touch Alarms, Notifications, all of which are formatted for in-store viewing.

The information needed for remote access

Whether you are connecting to the TLS4 Series ATGs through the Web-Enabled Interface, THE REMOTE VIEW or THE PLUS VIEW apps, there is certain information required for setting up remote access to your site data. There is also additional information that is optional but recommended for an optimal user experience.

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