It is inevitable for every car owner not to drop by the gas station to fill up your car with gas. In our current situation today, the conversation between the customers and attendants should be kept in isolation to preserve from spreading the virus. Wearing of face masks and face shields still apply even inside the car and open windows only partially when talking to attendants. Especially now that there is an ongoing pandemic it is a must that we practice proper hygiene etiquette while at the gas station.

Many gasoline station attendants tend to grab the gas handle without sanitizing their hands first, the reason why gasoline pumps tend to be the dirtiest thing a person touches is that most gas pumps are contaminated with bacteria which can bring illness to people. According to a study as well, gas pumps have more than 11,000 times bacteria than the common toilet seat.

It is not just the consumers’ responsibility to have proper hygiene etiquette when going to the gasoline stations but it is very important for the gasoline stations to sanitize their facility as well.

To avoid getting in contact with germs at the gasoline stations it is best to always have a hand sanitizer ready, ensure that your door panel, center console, and even your bag has a sanitizer to clean your hands before and after getting in your car. You may also use disposable gloves to pump gas because wearing gloves prevents the risk of getting in contact with germs each time you pump up your gas. Also, remember to dispose of your gloves immediately after using it to prevent contamination, and don’t forget to sanitize hands right after. Keep payments as clean as possible, instead of cash opt for a card and other cashless payment systems, because cash is dirty and it can pass bacteria to other people.

It is very important for gasoline stations not to only clean their facility but to clean their mobile tank as well because fuels are susceptible to natural deterioration and microbes contribute to reducing the quality of the fuel. Also, contaminated fuel can corrode injector pumps which lead to incomplete combustion. TOIC solutions offer Tank Testing and Mobile Tank Cleaning which effectively removes all harmful sludge and other contaminants from the storage tanks which also extends the life and maintains the quality of the fuel.

It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of your gasoline station equipment to earn the trust of your consumers, but it also begins with the cleanliness of your fuel pumps and fuel dispensers to provide high-quality fuel. TOIC Solutions offers the best products and services to keep your service station equipment clean and sanitized. You may reach us through for more information.