Thousands of Filipinos fill up their gas tanks every single day. From maneuvering their driving skills to considering gasoline prices to visiting convenience stores for food and beverages, gasoline stations have changed throughout the years as consumers change in terms of their preferences and behaviors. With the changing consumer behaviors in mind, take note of these practices that can help keep your gasoline station business running.


Fuel Buying Behavior

Buying fuel varies by demographic. To further increase sales, knowing your customers’ demographic will be helpful to plan your marketing strategy.

Business owners observe that customers aged 35 to 49 will most likely purchase fuel in the morning. This is a great opportunity to build a convenience store and expand to breakfast food service that will cater to this segment of shoppers. Customers ages 65 and up tend to purchase fuel during midday – which can be advantageous for gasoline stations that offer snacks that might appeal to this demographic.

This observation is to look at the practices of these kinds of customers and an opportunity to build and strengthen marketing campaigns that will add more sales to your gasoline station.


Price Shopping

Fuel prices affect consumers on what and when to buy. With recent innovations and the rise of mobile apps, customers can now check for fuel prices before going to gasoline stations. Most likely, people would go for the best price of fuel. About two out of three customers will choose a station based on gasoline prices. For others though, gasoline prices are less important when the purpose of travel is intended towards a certain location wherein they will choose to stop at a gasoline station that is on the way or within the vicinity. Others too, prefer to stop at a gasoline station with a variety of restaurant or food options. 


Quality of Store and its Employees

The quality of gasoline stations, convenience stores, and its employees’ service influence customers on where they choose to go.

It is said that 44% of gas customers would make in-store visits. In-store sales create two-thirds of a store’s overall profits, so it is also essential for customers to have additional things to fuel in your store. Having a convenience store would also be beneficial for customers waiting for their car to be repaired. All of this will make big revenue for the business if you offer excellent choices in shopping or offer promotional deals tied to other services.

When it comes to employee-customer relations, gasoline stations are no exception. Employee interaction is greatly appreciated when they know how to operate at the gasoline station and serve their customers with satisfaction. As for business operators, focusing on your customer journey experience will make a big difference in keeping your customers coming back to you as their preferred one-stop-shop.


Experience at Gasoline Pumps

Employees must be attentive at the gasoline pumps for them to serve their customers with satisfaction. Moreover, customers perceive their experience at the gasoline pumps to influence their decision on stopping at your location.

The overall appearance of your gasoline station is also a big consideration for return customers. Aside from that, always make sure that your gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers are in good condition because no customer would want to stop and fuel at a dirty slow fueling station. If your gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers are old and not functioning well, it’s time to upgrade them to high-performance equipment that can be found at TOIC Solutions.


Studying Your Customers and Your Gasoline Station

While observing your customers every now and then is part of the operator’s daily routine, it is also time-worthy to take note of your customers’ feedback. As they say, word of mouth greatly influences other people to perceive your business. Have the opportunity to talk to them once in a while to make your customers feel that they are very important.


Customers help your gasoline station earn big revenues. Setting aside customer’s needs, you should also identify what your gasoline station needs to perform its best and to serve customers and keep them coming back. When upgrading equipment, look no further than TOIC Solutions. We have the best high-quality service station equipment for every gasoline station.

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