Safety inspections for every gas station are remarkably important, especially because there is gasoline involved. Gas and oils are highly combustible and can immediately start a fire if not properly avoided. A gasoline station inspection is mandatory as it helps prevent and provide a safe environment for the business and the community.

Here are the four items to check on your list, to ensure a smooth service station inspection:


Emergency plan and procedures – This should be available at every part of the gas station and is regularly updated and reviewed to remind everyone of what to do in case of accidents such as gasoline station equipment failure, fire, spillage, and other potential emergencies.

The list of contact numbers of fire protection, ambulance, and police services are also important and should be easily accessible. These plans and contact numbers are a beneficial reminder to be always prepared, no matter what happens.


Security equipment – To keep the gas station safe at all times, safety equipment should be available. Two or more powder types of fire extinguisher should be appropriately labeled and in an easy-access place and not in jeopardy in case of an emergency.

Spill kits are another requirement to be included in the safety equipment. Oil spills from gasoline pumps and gasoline dispensers can potentially start a fire and should be resolved immediately. There are different techniques used to put out oil spills fires, and a spill kit is essential for a gas station’s safety.


Emergency power – A gas station must have a main emergency power that cuts and shuts off the power to all fuel pumps and fuel dispensers. The emergency activation device should be accessible and tested monthly and should clearly label ‘EMERGENCY STOP’.


Overall Maintenance of the Gas station, regular equipment and, risk assessments – Taking good care of everything on-site is a must. In particular, regular checking of Fuel storage, Gasoline pumps and gasoline dispenser, Automatic Tank gauge, and other compliances are needed. Regular maintenance of these equipment avoids potential hazards. 


Inventory and Important documents/files – It is also necessary to keep records and documents of every item to assure that they are all maintained, received, stored, and dispensed. The records will also indicate all operational training including, maintenance and previous inspection records in the event of future concerns regarding gas station safety.


Ultimately, the inspection process is about companies demonstrating excellence and investing in quality equipment. Trans Overseas Industrial Corporation (TOIC) energizes your service gasoline station equipment by helping you maintain at its optimum condition through our Preventive Maintenance Program.

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