An Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is an important electronic device for every gas station. Its basic function is to monitor the fuel level in the tank accurately to make sure that the tank is not leaking. It also indicates what is happening inside the tank such as the fuel level, water level and volume, temperature, and high and low fuel level warnings.

Installing an ATG is useful for monitoring your tank at all times and other interstitial spaces in tanks and piping. There will always be an ongoing measurement of tank levels and temperature to ensure the integrity of your product and to help avoid gas leaks. ATG’s are the most cost-effective monetary system to check up on your tank gauge.

Here we’ll list down the benefits of Installing an Automatic Tank Gauge:

Installing an ATG is cost-efficient

Having a device that monitors the maintenance of your gas station prevents accidents from occurring. Having an ATG is worth your investment as it ensures a safer place and guarantees protection for everyone in the vicinity. For gasoline station owners and operators, it is an investment worth knowing the everyday performance of their equipment.


An ATG will save you and the workers so much time.

ATG’s are excellent additions to your fleet’s maintenance. It is mostly placed above or below the tank so anyone can easily monitor the fuel or lubricant volume to assess the tank condition without having a hard time. It can also be wired or remotely accessed via a wireless modem.

Gone are the days of inaccurate, hard, and unsafe manual maintenance with ATG you will be able to get the most accurate inventory at all times and will help minimize a loss on product contamination or tank leaks.


An ATG ensures the conservation of your equipment.

Another key benefit of installing an ATG is the reassurance that you will always have enough gas on hand to meet your inventory needs. ATG systems have an alert function to help you maintain all tanks perfectly. It will automatically tell you when you need to re-order and refill.

One thing that the operators always neglect is the overall maintenance of different equipment while some even ignore leaks and aren’t alarmed by it. Nonetheless, the purpose of having an ATG is to know that no leaks will go undetected and problems will be resolved and fixed immediately.


ATGs are continuously improving and evolving.

Now that electronic devices are gradually evolving, the ATG also follows. It remains a software solution to help maximize time management for deliveries and inventory transparency. An ATG aims to specifically protect your fluid inventory needs and makes you stay at ease to be able to focus your attention on customers and other business needs.


In conclusion, Automatic Tank Gauges are needed for accurate control of your tanks and getting the best result of tank management with less effort. There’s a wide range of different industrial ATGs so make sure to trust a trading company that is involved in the distribution of a range of technology, equipment, and solutions.

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