The TLS Express Inventory Solution retrofits into existing sites and automates your wet stock inventory management process, eliminating paperwork, emails, and text messages. It gives you real-time visibility to fuel inventory from anywhere.

When thinking about adding an automatic tank gauge or ATG to your fuel site, you should take into account the following considerations.


Are you looking to avoid fuel stock-outs?

Fuel stock-outs stop operations at the site and cost you customers and in-store traffic, causing a loss of revenue that cannot be recovered. Adding an ATG to your fueling site can maximize your productivity by allowing you to better predict your fuel usage and stay ahead of costly fuel stock-outs.

Do you want details about your wet stock inventory variance?

A fuel variance is the difference between the amount of fuel available in a tank at any given time, according to recorded deliveries and sales, and the actual amount of fuel available in the tank. Fuel variances can be positive or negative. Whether through delivery discrepancy, inaccurate manual dipstick measurements, theft, or storage tank leaks, fuel variances could be costing your business and inaccurate inventory tracking could be masking a more serious issue.

Do you want peace of mind about your tank integrity?

Veeder-Root ATG systems include compliance and testing features that monitor for, and detect, leaks within your fueling system. For most fuel sites, the gas in the tank is the most expensive asset on site. Storage tank leaks are not just bad for the environment and community, they are costly for owners.

Are you looking to prevent overfills?

Tank overfills are detrimental to site safety, but the potential for an overfill event can be easily mitigated with an ATG. The TLS4B will display the ullage space (aka unfilled space) inside the tank so you can be sure the delivery will fit.

Would you like to accurately check site inventory levels remotely?

For many busy site owners, it can be hard to check in on the status of their business while they are off-site. Veeder-Root TLS4 Series automatic tank gauges are equipped to help owners access critical data while they are off-site using our free mobile phone and web-enabled applications. Easily access console data from anywhere at any time.

Add one of three of our Veeder-Root TLS Express Bundles to your fuel site and quickly and affordably automate your fuel management process.