Gasoline stations can be a good investment, just like any other business. Especially when the gas stations are well-located and well run, they can generate good profits. Keep in mind however that the gasoline station business is also labor intensive. Your skills to operate profitably varies largely on factors like road construction and fuel price which are beyond your control.

Here are some insights before investing in a gasoline station.


Nature of the business

In terms of financial perspective, gasoline does not matter much at most gas stations. Unless your location is good and it lets you charge an above market price for your gasoline, gas or petroleum sales are only marginally after credit card fees. Most gasoline stations earn sales through their convenience stores or any additional services including car wash.


Analyzing the Numbers

The operations of gasoline stations are valued relatively to their sales. But, when you look at a gas station’s sales, it is essential to break them out by category. Products like gasoline can bring lots of sales but little profit, while other products are opposite. Also, it is difficult to analyze a gasoline station’s performance since a large amount of cash transactions can result in inaccuracies in the financial records.


Gasoline Station Risks

Investing in a gas station can carry some risks as well. Since most gasoline stations are dependent on vehicular traffic to keep their business going, changes in traffic patterns can cause an adverse impact on business performance. It is very essential to analyze what factors could be coming. Also, gasoline stations are exposed to environmental risks. It is very important to understand various risks that may affect the business.


Gasoline Station Real Estate

Instead of buying the actual gasoline station business, you could also buy the real estate underlying a gas station and become a landlord to an operating business. Doing this makes the investment much more passive for you since you are essentially your own landlord and you cut off pressures on paying rent. 

These are some insights prior to investing in a gasoline station business. A petroleum or gasoline station business has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you will manage the business. It is very essential to educate yourself regarding the industry to operate your business properly. Also, a gasoline station business requires a hands-on investment. If you don’t actively manage your account, you could lose your investment. Are you ready to take the big step in investing in gasoline station equipment? TOIC provides high-quality service station equipment needed for your gasoline station. Our products offer gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers and also we have services for tank calibration and tank testing to keep the operations running. Visit for more information.