We’ve entered a new year with new opportunities. This is a year for reinvention! And speaking of reinventing, gasoline stations are one of the fastest-growing businesses in terms of sales and fast pace opportunities for customers. And at the end of the day, refining the customer experience has become critical attention across all businesses especially in service-related industries.

For the longest time, the fuel and convenience store industry has become essential in how it wants to engage, interact, and transact with its customers or else fall to the wayside with the competition. A gasoline station provides a valuable opportunity that offers solutions to improve the overall customer experience and integrate innovative customer journeys. In this blog, we offer you four ways to reinvent your gasoline station through an elevated consumer experience.


Provide Overall Gasoline Pump Satisfaction

When entering a gasoline station, are your gasoline pump areas clean, free of litter and trash? Keeping your gasoline station trash-free gives your consumers the first impression that this is a gasoline station that is well maintained and well operated. 

Just as well, providing gasoline pump satisfaction is one of the first steps in the business-meets-customer relationship at your gasoline station. Top gasoline stations find themselves at the forefront of the list because they train their service station attendants in maintaining gasoline pump satisfaction. While there are days that it needs to be fixed by changing the filters, the nozzle, or other equipment, this also means that you have to upgrade your gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers every now and then. 

To know where to upgrade your fuel pumps and dispensers, TOIC Solutions offers the best equipment for gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers that will satisfy your operations and at the same time that applies a faster approach that appeals to your customer.


Convenience Store is your Destination

Having a gasoline station brings revenues but setting a convenience store next to your service station is an investment. When it comes to customer satisfaction, having a c-store would give your customers an excellent service experience. In the long run, aside from your gasoline station, your c-store should also be a destination and not a “pit stop”. It is a big game-changer when you streamline your in-store process and focus on your stock because it encourages your customers to come back for more and at the same time attract new customers who may just be passing by. 


Unified and Personalized Shopping Experience

Adapting technology across the customer journey will empower you to offer a more convincing and frictionless experience.  This can work better in your point of sale (POS) system, kiosks, self-checkout stations, and mobile commerce.

At your gasoline pumps and dispensers, you provide better ease and security of payments by offering cashless transactions and this will create a better shopping experience for your customers. This innovation has allowed more and more industries to create faster yet secured transactions. Expect digital technologies to improve retail experiences in the years to come. Make sure your operations don’t get left behind with the latest technology that helps consumers spend conveniently. 


Choices and Additional Services

To increase foot traffic to your gasoline station, provide needs that go beyond fueling. Offering services such as car wash, air, water, food courts, and more will get people to stop and spend more besides just filling up. Always be on the lookout for anything customers might need which may result in bigger revenue for your gasoline station. 


Reinventing your gasoline station would take a big risk but with proper research and customer satisfaction information, all can be done in the most possible way to increase revenue and attract more customers. Aside from knowing your customer’s needs, your needs should be taken into consideration also. And by needs, we meant your service station equipment such as gasoline pumps, fuel dispensers, underground tank maintenance, and many more.

Look no further than TOIC Solutions. As a reliable partner and supplier in the Petroleum industry, TOIC provides turn-key solutions for our clients from logistics, warehousing, delivery, installation, commissioning, and service of its equipment. We have products for gasoline pumps and fuel dispensers, Automatic Tank Gauge, convenience retailing, and more. And with services such as tank calibration and tank testing, your gasoline station needs are in one website. Contact us to learn more!