Underground storage tanks can cause worry to homeowners and business owners because oil tanks don’t last a lifetime. The average life expectancy of an underground storage tank is 10-15 years, but many variables affect the prediction of the storage tank’s life span. These factors include stray electrical current, quality and thickness of steel, elevated water table, ph of the soil, and many more.

Even if you think that your tank does not have any issues, be proactive by removing and replacing your underground storage tank before a problem occurs, because a leaking oil tank contamination cleaning is expensive and it can affect your real estate transactions. A preventive tank removal may avoid that expensive cleanup. On the other hand, aboveground storage tanks are not exposed to similar situations compared to underground storage tanks, but did you know that they can corrode prematurely and potentially leak? If you currently have aboveground storage tanks it is a must to meticulously observe the following: rust or metal flaking, wet spots on or directly beneath the tank, and oil odors.

Most homeowners usually remove and replace tanks and change fuel sources. Because of real estate transfers, insurance carriers are requiring this because of the possibility of potential cost exposure if the tank leaks.

It is very important to perform tank testing because without it is very difficult to detect if you have a preexisting problem with your tank. The longer you leave your tank in the ground the more you increase the possibility of leaking. Also, if your tank has begun to leak, the more time you leave this on the ground, the more expensive will be your clean up contamination. That’s why it is better to be proactive before a bigger problem arises. This will also help in avoiding costly cleanups for your storage tank.

It is recommended to have routine tank testing to prevent leaks, disasters, and avoid costly damage cleanups. It is very essential to ensure the safety and reliability of your tanks. Always be proactive in managing your tank and have a clear insight in terms of the life span of your storage tank to determine when to replace it. For more services about storage tanks, TOIC Solutions provides the best quality products and services for improved efficiency such as tank testing and tank calibration.

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