A gasoline station is consistently being monitored for safety and it’s important that every gasoline station is quick to adapt to new equipment that is effective and secures safety.

Many gasoline stations have been through a lot of changes in terms of operations, service offering, and by investing in the best equipment for safety. If we’re talking about equipment that offers convenience for every gasoline station operation, the Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is the answer as it is the best operational equipment for fuel monitoring. 


ATG protects your business investment.

Automatic Tank Gauge helps assess a gasoline station’s total operations and it tailors a tank monitoring system that provides timely access to the information you need to prevent losses to your product, profits, and reputation.

It’s important to have equipment that helps monitor your tank level at all times and other interstitial spaces in your tanks and in your piping. Tank levels and temperatures should be monitored to ensure the integrity of your product. Consistent monitoring helps prevent a lot of possible disasters and appropriate precautions should be taken.


These are the three functions of an Automatic Tank Gauge:

Compliance Tracking / Monitoring.

Installing an ATG will help a gas station perform an accurate compliance test and can help detect leaks, pump flow rates for better monitoring and inspections.

In addition, it can also keep the documentation that is necessary to supply inspectors. Many tank gauges also include a printer for creating physical documentation at set times.


Inventory management.

An ATG gives you the most accurate inventory anytime. It even has different options for advance monitoring including Accuchart, Inform, Insite 360, etc. It minimizes loss on product contamination or tank leaks as it quickly reveals sudden loss, leaks, or theft.

Leave behind the unsafe manual reading and human error for the ATG has six-point alarms on overflow high product, delivery needed, water alarm, etc.


Fuel Management

An ATG provides the best real-time fuel management for 24-hour incident response, immediate emergency response, and agency notification. It also keeps regulatory filings, permits, and registrations.

It also identifies losses by category: blend, meter, chart, inventory, equipment, delivery, and more. An ATG no doubt gives you access to the most advanced tank charts.


Overall, an Automatic Tank Gauge is one-of-a-kind and highly convenient tank gauge with the most advanced fuel monitoring technology being used by over 500,000 tanks worldwide. It allows you to sleep easy knowing that your gasoline station operations are monitored and safe 24/7. 

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