Gone are the days when fuel customers limit their options to known gasoline brands. Today, gasoline customers are more open to trying other gasoline stations, with pricing, convenience, and safety as key considerations.

So, how can you make your gas station appealing to more customers?

When it comes to attracting customers, presentation is key. This brings in the importance of cleanliness and proper maintenance to impress and draw customers into your gasoline station.

Here are a few ways to keep your gasoline station clean, safe, and presentable for your clients:


Choose world-class quality fuel dispensers

Without a doubt, fuel pumps and dispensers are the focal points of any gasoline station business. Choosing the right fuel pumps can impact your gasoline station’s overall look, so it is essential to invest in high quality, reliable and visually attractive fuel pumps, and dispensers.

For world-class fuel pumps and dispensers, check out our products here. TOIC is the exclusive distributor of Gilbarco Veeder-Root in the Philippines, the global leader in fuel dispenser technology, and integrated fueling solutions.


Pay attention to your gas station’s appearance

Your fuel station’s appearance is the first thing that catches the drivers’ and potential customers’ attention. Ensure that the landscape is well-taken care of, the trash bin is not overflowing with garbage, and the driveway is free from any blockage.

Additionally, ensure that all manholes are covered and secure, not just for a clean look, but for your customer’s safety.

TOIC offers a wide range of manhole covers and fiberglass tank sumps. For a list of available products, click here.


Lighting Matters

Proper lighting is essential to brighten up your gas station and to ensure your customer’s safety, especially at night.

Choosing the right lighting for your gas station helps keep your customer secure and can also help drive attention to your gasoline station.

For a list of LED lighting designed to maximize light, and minimize cost, check out our products here.


When it comes to maintaining a successful gasoline station business, choosing the right equipment is key. TOIC Solutions offers innovative and advanced gas station products and solutions to help you achieve an efficient and profitable service station business.

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