Reconditioned gas pumps do not get visibility compared to purchasing brand new pumps. Given that the expenses of running a gas station is very expensive. Even if it does not get as much as attention, purchasing reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers is one of the best solutions to cut down on cost for gasoline stations.

Here are some benefits of reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers for your gasoline station.


Gas pumps and dispensers are high maintenance

The original price of brand new gas pumps and dispensers are very expensive, once the warranty runs out, they are also costly to repair. This huge amount of price can eat your profit margin. This leads you to purchase new equipment or continue to pay the maintenance fees. Reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers’ low maintenance compared to the new ones you can also experience many benefits in the process of using it.


Improve financial performance

In terms of return of investment, the total cost of reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers is only half of the cost of brand new equipment. The impact of the return on investment can be essential. Innovative and better working equipment will bring more traffic and pay half the price for the equipment, which saves a lot of money for your gas station.


Environmental Benefits

Recycling of materials reduces the number of wastes for landfills and helps in saving the environment. Reconditioning gas pumps and dispensers is considered as a higher level of recycling, it makes a greater economic and ecological contribution. For, it also includes value-added from the previous manufacturer. The value includes energy, cost of labor, energy, and manufacturing operations that are part of the cost of raw materials, which you can make your brand footprint and can be your selling point with consumers.


Selling your equipment

Many big companies prefer purchasing reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers because it’s low maintenance compared to the new ones and it has many benefits. Also, if you want to upgrade your equipment, you may sell your older equipment and get value from the entire unit or selective parts.

Reconditioned gas pumps and dispensers have many great benefits that your business can use and abuse in the process. This is a chance to get good quality gas pumps and dispensers at a cheap price. If you are planning to purchase this equipment you must buy from a good company which understands the fuel industry and has a good quality. TOIC is the exclusive distributor of Gilbarco Veeder-Root in the country. No other company delivers its level of expertise and gives customers a competitive advantage in a gas station and convenience store equipment. To know more about our products and services, visit our website, or send us an email at or contact us at (02) 8243-5146.