Automatic Tank Gauge Systems play an important role in your forecourt administration, which enables you to determine the status and movements of tank lines, tank stocks, sump risers, monitoring wells, and accidental leaks in containers. It helps in detecting and reporting any environmentally hazardous issues as of the present time. It contributes to the monitoring of fuel stocks easily. This also ensures environmental compliance standards in accessing your tank’s information fast and prevents problems with your tank before they even occur.

Here are some guides to consider when buying Automatic Tank Gauge:


Number of your tanks and its features

In purchasing the right Automatic Tank Gauge, it is important to consider the number of tanks that you have and their capacity as well. It is also a must to consider the products you handle, your projected future growth if you have underground or aboveground tanks to determine which Automatic Tank Gauge is your best pick.


Number of probes and sensors you need

This includes the information that you want to collect, based on the information that you require. It will help in knowing the type and the number of probes and sensors that you will need. For this you have to consider the number of dispensers that you have, whether it is a pump with internal suction technology or suction through submerge turbine pumps. It is also important to educate yourself regarding the sensors required by the local regulations. Also, apart from the inventory details, it is important to know the potential danger information that you would like to address.


Automatic Inventory Reconciliation

With the help of Business Inventory Reconciliation, you have the option to validate automatically each sales data against present inventory and sales. This gives you accurate information on allocated gallons, leaving every liter accounted for by the dispatch system.  Also, you can monitor if there’s a hidden leak and diagnose mishandlings on tank charts.


Calibrate your tanks to minimize current variation

If you are interested to find and correct various multiple calibration variables such as test tube offset, tank end termination, tank tilt. With the help of tank calibration, you will be able to get precise information according to your tank’s characteristics.

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