The new year has finally come! Many gas station owners are now indulging in retrospection and reevaluating what transpired the whole of 2020. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all of us to start making changes and progress.

Now is the perfect chance to sit down and prepare a list of resolutions that you want to change, make, and begin with. Having a resolution can help increase your profit line to lead your gas station business throughout the year. These are some resolutions to help grow your gas station business towards a successful 2021.


  1.     EMV Compliance

For every gasoline station that is not compliant yet or started the process, this should be the top priority on your list this year! Many gas stations require equipment upgrades and there is a huge demand for technicians. Planning for EMV compliance is necessary as you don’t want to miss the deadline and face financial risk with the liability shift.


  1.     Evaluate Your Services and Convenience Store

January will always be the best time to kick off the year with new exciting promotions and options for customers. Gather all the requests and rooms for improvement collated last year and assess your gas station business. Will they make any good changes? Do they make any financial sense? If yes, then proceed with the improvement as early as today.

Launching a new service or product can bring renewed customer’s interest and purchase. Think big and explore all-new ways for your station’s improvement. You may also market current products or services with a spin, adding new life to it. Give incentives to the car wash you already have or try putting “buy one, get one” punch cards for food or drinks if you are also operating the convenience store. 


  1.     Fast Forecourt

One of the biggest complaints that customers have about gas stations is the gas flow.  Warm weather and cold weather certainly will spark this complaint, especially with the Philippines’ humidity. Also, any customer that’s in a hurry will immediately notice slow-flowing gas pumps or dispensers. 

Are your gas pumps running slow? If you are finding that your gas pumps and dispensers are running slow, then you will need to either find the problem or upgrade. Start with checking your filters as they are the most critical element when it comes to fuel flow. Changing them regularly and following strict routine maintenance goes a long way with keeping your gas pump flow at optimal speed. If this is not workable, and you have checked your nozzles, then it is time for you to look into getting new gasoline pumps and dispensers.


  1.     Equipment Upgrades

Upgrading your equipment can make every task in the gas station easier and more efficient. It may also bring in new business and more loyal customers. 

Improving your point of sale (POS) system that will make your convenience store run faster and smoother is something that you may consider as well, in order to lessen the time in manually checking revenue and inventory. Upgrading your gas pumps and dispensers for modernization and branding may help give customers the impression that operations are running smoothly. 


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